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Find a Meaningful Career at Signal Centers

A recent Harvard Business Review blog suggested that our current economic depression has as much to do with our depression over the lack of value of our work as it does our “economic output.” Be assured that this is not the case at Signal Centers. Every employee’s work impacts our mission and in turn makes a difference in our community. This blogger suggested that meaningful work leads to a meaningful life and that to know if your work is meaningful you should ask yourself three questions:

“Does it stand the test of time?"

"Does it stand the test of excellence?"

"Does it stand the test of you?”

At Signal Centers we know that our work stands the test of time because each client we work with has a life that is changed and forever improved. We have a long history of programmatic excellence and commitment to being the best at what we do.

What we’d like to know is, does our work “stand the test of you?” We hire employees that are more than a set of certain qualifications. We want people that are dedicated to our mission, people that get excited about the work that we do. Our employees love working here because they love our mission. Do you?

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Signal Centers is an EEO employer and seeks to affirm the dignity and worth of every person. It is, therefore, the policy of the organization to practice and ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all applicants and employees with respect to race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, or ability and promote the full realization of this policy through all employment practices.

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