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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is any equipment used to maintain, increase, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Examples of assistive technology include:

  • Augmented communications
  • Power chair
  • Digital magnifier
  • Large-button keyboard
  • Switch toy
  • Doorbell for hard-of-hearing
  • Adaptive telephone
  • Mouth joystick



Workplace Accommodation: Accessing a work site and analyzing tasks to see what adjustments need to be made for an individual's abilities. This can enable a company to make new hires or retain employees who have become disabled.

Employment Services: Promoting positive outcomes for people with disabilities by assisting in preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment. Services include job readiness, job search, job placement, job retention, and pre-emplyment transition. This program works in partnership with the State of Tennessee's Vocational Rehabilitation and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. 

Loan and Reuse: Many devices are available for either short-term (e.g. for training, to try out, while repairs are made, etc.) or permanent placement. This program allows functional equipment into the hands of those who need it but could not otherwise afford it.

Custom Design: Not all needs are met by available equipment. Signal Centers' Design Specialist can adapt existing products or design and fabricate new solutions to meet the client's needs.

Low-Vision Services: Professionals can demonstrate new ways to use magnification and talking technology to improve every day life for people with vision loss. Classes are ongoing in orientation/mobility, life skills (such as cooking), non-visual computer use, adjustment to blindness, art, etc.

Training: Professionals provide training on all areas of assistive technology. Training is available to individuals and groups, users, caregivers, and professionals on how to properly use assistive devices and software programs.

Evaluation and Consultation: Formal assessments of need and recommendation regarding assistive technology is available for individuals of all ages and all disabilities.

Demonstration: Many assistive devices from a variety of vendors are available on site. Individuals may come in and try out a specific piece of equipment hands-on to make sure it will work for them before purchasing.

Assistive Technology Services is currently offering App Classes for those interested in how to integrate various computer applications into their lives. 

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What is Assistive Technology?

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