babyu trio familyHow does Baby U Help?

Baby U provides intensive Case Management, Mentoring, and Support to expectant mothers and families. Services are FREE and VOLUNTARY. Baby U Specialists provide:

  • Resource Connections Baby U provides one-on-one mentoring to help expectant mothers access resources and achieve goals. Baby U works with families to identify strengths, locate resources, and achieve family goals. Baby U has partnered with over 15 local organizations to connect families with needed resources such as quality prenatal care, baby supplies, childcare, and more.

  • Education Baby U promotes healthy pregnancies, nutrition, and early childhood development through education and referrals.

  • Community-Building Baby U links families to supportive networks within one’s own neighborhood and community, thus building stronger community networks, one family at a time.

Baby U Specialists assist families in developing an individualized Family Plan outlining immediate, short, and long term goals as well as action steps to work toward goal achievement. Baby U Specialists will connect families to resources and education related to healthy pregnancies, nutrition, early child development and milestone identification, and multiple other vital resources and referrals.

For more information on Baby University, click here to be redirected to the Baby U website.


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