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adult-employmentBenefits to Employers

Employers who choose to hire individuals from Signal Centers’ Employment Services will benefit from a reliable and dedicated employee becoming part of their workforce. Other benefits include:

• Well-screened individuals to ensure a quality job match

• Employment Specialist support during initial hiring and on-going support for employer and employee

• Assistive technology services available in cases where workplace accommodations might be needed

Benefits to Employees

Benefits to those participating in the Employment Services Program include both on- and off-site job skills training, individualized attention focusing on existing strengths and increased opportunities for sustained independence, through meaningful employment. Also noteworthy is this program offers the chance to build strong and lasting relationships with others in the program and on-the-job.

Assistive Technology Workplace Accommodation

Signal Centers’ Assistive Technology Services works with people with disabilities to achieve goals and obtain independence through the use of technology. After assessing clients’ needs, they are matched with technology that will help them achieve their goals. We have worked extensively with vocational rehabilitation services to provide workplace accommodations for worksites such as Wal-Mart, McKee Bakery, Unum, Erlanger, Ace Hardware, and many more. Assistive technology does not always mean high cost computers; it can mean intelligent solutions, such as alternate keyboards, different lighting, or other low-cost solutions. Workplace accommodations utilizing assistive technology can be far more cost effective than placing an employee on disability.

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