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Signal Centers established Adult Services in 1978 to engage adults with disabilities and senior citizens in activities designed to promote purposeful living. Over the years, Adult Services has enabled individuals to maintain their independence, learn new skills and make enduring friendships. The Adult Services dynamic approach gives participants opportunities to experience the same activities of daily living, wellness and interests enjoyed by all abilities.

Adult Services is located at our Germantown Road campus adjacent to the school’s beautiful playground. Here adults and seniors can explore their interests through a variety of activities designed to motivate and maximize individual capacity. Transportation, as needed, is available. Participants enjoy breakfast and a hot lunch daily. Expertly-trained professionals, support staff and volunteers compassionately provide adaptive recreation, life skills development, as well as job placements and training

The program’s social and multi-generational focus brings children from the Signal Centers’ school, family members, visiting youth groups and guest presenters to share activities with attendees. Together, they work on art projects, take classes, celebrate seasonal and special events and stay up-to-date on current technology and popular culture. In this compelling environment of education, agency partnerships and advocacy, Signal Centers’ envisions a community of lifelong independence and a signature quality of life.

Geriatric and Older Adults

Are you a caregiver of an older adult?  Signal Centers offers a weekly adult day program, designed to give caregivers respite and offer socialization and enjoyable activities for senior adults.  To qualify, individuals must be 60 years or older and reside in Hamilton County.  Program free to those who meet income eligibility requirements.  Call Courtney Chandler, Director of Adult Services, at 423-698-8528.

Employment Services

Signal Centers’ Employment Services Program is designed to assist individuals in obtaining and retaining meaningful employment in a variety of settings, based on the individual’s personal interests and strengths. Employment is a fundamental part of adult life, and Signal Centers’ Employment Specialist works with individuals and local businesses to build relationships and provide opportunities for skill training and employment placements. This program works in partnership with the State of Tennessee’s Vocational Rehabilitation and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. Call Kathy Miller, Employment Services, at 423-629-4174, Ext. 504.  Learn more about Employment Services.

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 Adult Services November Newsletter

Upcoming Events

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